Run, Zombie Run!

I recently saw the movie Zombieland and it got me thinking. The movie suffered from something that most modern zombie films suffer from and that is Zombies cannot run. Zombies . . . true zombies are undead corpses subject to the rapid decay of death. Rigor mortis would certainly set in almost immediately, locking up joints and impeding muscle function. So you see zombies cannot run, except for maybe within the first six hours of death but not for very long after that

In trying to shoehorn zombie fiction into a more modern reality, Hollywood tries to write zombies as mysteriously infected humans with all the mobility of healthy humans and in some cases with enhanced human abilities. That’s fine for a new species of movie monster. It’s just not a true zombie. 28 days later and Zombieland fall into this category. The creatures in these movies should be characterized more as psychotic humans/ escaped mental patient type creatures.

There are several exceptions of the running zombie syndrome that actually work, one being the awesome classic Return of the living dead. Also the remake of Dawn of the Dead pulls off the zombie hustle. The zombies in both of these flicks are without a doubt . . . ZOMBIES!!

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