If You Can’t Do Something Right . . . Do It Anyway!

When I started my website I knew virtually no html but through necessity and perseverance I managed to hammer together a functional site that is in a constant state of evolution. When I started TECHNOPHELIA in 1990 it was far too strange to be published by anyone at that time, yet it made it to press, same thing when I started SWEET LUCY in 1991 yet I printed five issues. And so it was with BABY ANGEL X in 1994 and it ended up with a print run of over 9000 on the first issue. This philosophy can be applied to everything in your life. You will find that the bigger the disaster the more you will be forced to dig deeper into your subconscious mind to find creative solutions.

So, don’t believe that little voice of fear you hear when you tread the waters of the unknown. Don’t believe the haters who bash your results and tell you it can’t be done and than cower behind the mundane. Through sheer force of will you can turn opposition into alliance, through sheer force of will you can turn tragedy into triumph and through sheer force of will you can bend the Universe to your desire.

So go out there and DESTROY my children. Trudge through your life like Godzilla through Tokyo. And more often than not, when the screaming stops and the blood and sweat of your toil lay in morbid pools around your feet the dust will settle and you will find that what is left is something beautiful!

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